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There are lots of online keyboard pianos out there, but I wanted one where:

  1. The sounds are pure tones - sine waves - so I can play around with harmonics.
  2. The sounds are sustained as long as the key is held down.
  3. The notes are laid out in a way that "feels right" on a qwerty keyboard, instead of just trying to copy the layout of a piano.

For example, try typing 7uj 7j7j, u j88 ju8, j 8i jiji, 8 ikki 8k. This is the melody for the first few lines of "Do-Re-Mi", from the musical "The Sound of Music".

For best results.

For best results, use the following:

Details About Tuning

Frequencies are from 5-prime-limit tuning. Shifting over a column multiplies frequency by either 4/3 (perfect fourth) or 3/2 (Perfect fifth), alternating. Shifting two columns goes up an octave. Shifting down a row multiplies frequency by 9/8 (Major Tone) or 10/9 (Minor Tone). Open the dev console if you want to see a log of all the keypresses and notes.

Also, here are a few alternative layouts:

  1. An arrangement similar to the above but with all twelve notes, 2, 3, 4
  2. Isomorphic layout based on the Wicki-Hayden Musical Note Layout, 2.
  3. Euler's Tone Net

Keyboard svg modified from here.