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Desirable Properties: * Universal. Every profile of rational preferences is possible. * Social Preferences are rational. * Unanimous. So if everybody likes eggs better than bacon, we won't choose bacon. * Independent. So if reltive orderings are preserved across preference profiles, then the relative ordering on the social preferences is also preserved. * Not Dictatorial Decisiveness. A coalition is decisive for a over b if they are collectively dictatorial for a over b. Decisive coalition is collectively dictatorial. If a colation is decisive, then split that coalition in two. One of the two subcoaltions is decisive. Confused about this step. If a colation is decisive over one alternative, then it is decisive over everythign
ordinal vs cardinal * Independent of irrelevant alternatives. (Reference economist magazine subscription plan) Xavier 10 bucks a costs 1, b costs .5 preferences are ln a + ln b At optimum, 1/b = 0.5 1/a -> a=0.5b. 5 apples, 10 bananas. Yorick 10 bucks a costs 1, b costs 1 5 apples, 5 bananas. Xavier 10 bucks a costs 1, b costs .5 preferences are now ln a + 0.5 ln b at optimum, a=b 6.66666... of each.s Unrealted. Need to read about control theory. Candorcet. unanimous. Preferences and budget constraint mental illenss animal welfare √ Arrow stuff. Independence axiom. Do we do social rankings before or after checking feasibility. Only two people arrow VAlue restricted preferneces later in the arrow notes. structure of gamma - single peKED PREFERNCES - blacks theorem spannig argument for lemma 3 - infection argument - also used by root. That last step is what root unfolds, amd thats where he puts the gamma. Exchange economy on other diagonal. markov chain of preferences. Different states of mind. Alex Jacobson. Calgary. Forthcoming paper in AER. Principle agent problem where a guy has limited ability to reason. Principle designs a contract just complicated enough to outsmart him. Lack of focus. Logical weakness in reasoning. Cult book called "Laws of Form". Clarify exploitation of ignroence in computational complexity terms. Farm Section 2 of How to Count to 100 is about chunking. Everybody generalizes section 1, but not section 2. Oring is a pythagoras. two vertical supply chains getting backed up vs one combined chain with markets between each step. stacks of stacks in memory Can fixed costs increase welfare via filter effect. Music search and diversity of music being listened to.