Talk Notes

Here is where I keep notes about the talks that I have attended.

Milena Almagor May 26

Inequality driven by housing access. Amenities etc. But Amenities are multi-dimensional and related to demographics(bars vs daycares) Use tourism flows as a source of variation in demographics Internet cut out.

Apr 14: Michela Tincani - Preferential Admissions under Biased Beliefs

Mar 2nd: Kris Iyer - Persuasion with risk-conscious agents: A geometric approach

Feb 14: Firm Creation and Local Growth, Conor Walsh

2020 Jan 29 Micro Workshop

Talk from that Indiana person
Patrick's farm thing.

Poor countries tend to have less efficient agriculture sectors, but food is cheaper in these countries. They also seem to have a comparative advantage in manufacturing. But they don't import food. There aren't super high trade costs for grain and stuff, so why don't these poor countres import their food?

Maybe they can't use capital so wages go way down somehow? Maybe they eat the low-quality food. Or export cash crops and import staples. Or uhh...