Youtube Channels

Youtube’s recomendation algorithm is evil and an unsorted list of every subscription isn’t great for finding stuff I want to watch, so I made a categorized list of youtube channels that I like to check occasionally.


Beautiful theorems
Math Doodles
Videos about numbers
Matt Parker
More videos about numbers. Took me a while to realize it’s not the same channel as numberphile.
George Hart

Physics and Engineering

Elegant videos about everyday engineering marvels
Illinois EnergyProf
Clear lectures from Professor David Ruzic
Steve Mould
Various Physics Visualizations
Smarter Every Day
Dude makin’ videos on all sorts of stuff that interests him.
Practical Engineering
Small-scale demonstrations of civil engineering challenges
Assorted videos about science and education.


Ben G Thomas
Dino news
Trey the Explainer
Paleontology speculation
PBS Eons
Old timey animals
Tier Zoo
Talking about animals as if they were characters in a fighting game
Shed Science
Ze frank
True facts about animals
Deep Look
Footage of small things
Deep Sea Livestreams
Octolab TV
Chill vids of little octodudes

Chemistry and Metallurgy and whatnot

Periodic Videos
Videos about all the elements
Cody’s Lab
Also features weird gardening experiments
How to Make Everything
Was originally about making a sandwich completely from scratch.

Food and Cookery

Food Wishes
Straightforward recipe videos
Binging with Babish
Mostly makes meme food
Bon Appétit
This is the one where they make gourmet skittles

Interesting Places

Tom Scott
Amazing Places
Jay Foreman
Map Men and Unfinished London
Strange exoplanets and advice about imagining them
CGP Grey
Mostly about flags and borders, but also about all sorts of stuff
Worldbuilding Notes
Imaginary places
The Tim Traveller
Uninteresting Places

Film and other media

His “Top Ten Films of 2015” list has 39 entries and was published in 2018.
Red Letter Media
Wisconsin’s finest cultural output
PBS Digital Studios
See also Lindsay Ellis’ personal channel
Captain Disillusion
Like a 90s childrens science show, but about digital effects


Aunty Donna
Austrailian Sketch Comedy
Jenny Nicholson
Why does she have so many porgs?
Jenna Marbles
I love her horrible dogs.
The Dragon’s Tomb
Completely accurate board game tutorials.
Bill Wurtz
Let’s Game it Out
“As always, we’re going to try to play this game as wrong as possible.”
Alex Ernst
Something something apple cider vinegar

Interesting collections

Grand Illusions
Tim’s Toy Collection
Old artifacts

Reviews of stuff

Reviews of dollar-store crud
Questing Beast
Tabletop RPG Books

Reviews of Board Games in particular

Shut Up & Sit Down
Skit-based board game reviews
More silly boardgame reviews
Tolarian Community College
Card sleeves and whatnot
slightly more thoughtful boardgame reviews
Inside The Box
Really long skit-based reviews

Animated stuff

Suncreature Studios
Animated adventure shorts.
Sam O’Nella
Honestly, it’s more of a slideshow of crudely drawn stick figures.
Depressing Stick Figure cartoons

Making Stuff

Slingshot Channel
Strange Handmade Elastic-powered projectiles
Neat little doodads
I Like To Make Stuff

Making Horrible Stuff

William Osman
Reckless disregard for laser safety
Nevermind. This is reckless disregard for laser safety
Michael Reeves
William Osman’s angrier housemate
Simone Giertz
Queen of Shitty Robots
How not to do electrical engineering
Good Inventions
Very practical. Great Job.
Tom Wildenhain
Using MS Office to commit crimes against nature
Ian Hubert
Blender Tutorials which are either awful or amazing.